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Man on the moon
Robots, Mutants & Space ArtPaintings




Born in Antwerp, Belgium


Graduated in History of Art and Archaeology in Antwerp, Belgium.


First solo-exhibition, figurative paintings, Gallery Buyle, Antwerp, Belgium. (OMS)
Figurative paintings, Gallery Unicum, Bruges, Belgium.(OMS)
Figurative paintings, Au Cheval de Verre, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)


One-man show figurative paintings, Gallery Unicum, Bruges, Belgium.
"Open Air Party", Driekoningen Castle, Beernem, Belgium.(GE)
"Salon Quadriennal de Belgique" Liège, Belgium.(GE)


Creates Coloured Geometrical Abstract paintings
Gilbert Swimberge and Paul Van Hoeydonck, Galerie Théâtre du Poche, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
"Zomersalon Salon d'été" Gallery Unicum, Bruges, Belgium.(GE)
"Salon quadriennal des Beaux-Arts" Ghent, Belgium.(GE)


Gallery Dutilleul, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)


Co-founder of art group “FORMES”
"Lauréats du prix Jeune Peinture Belge", Palais du Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
Diamond among the works 'distinguished by the jury'
"La peintres du groupe Formes" Cercle Jean Jaurès, Salle de l'Académie de musique, Morlanwelz.(GE)
"Défense du petit format", Gallery Saint-LaurentBrussels, Belgium.(GE)
Gallery Saint Laurent, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)



Created first monochrome collages.
"Salon national du meuble social moderne" Museum voor Sierkunst, Ghent, Belgium.(GE)
"Lauréats du Prix Jeune Peinture" Société Royale des Beaux-Arts, Verviers, Belgium.(GE)
Gallery le rouge et le noir, Charleroi, Belgium.(GE)
"Groupes" Gallery Accent, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
"Défense du petit format" Gallery Saint Laurent, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
"Summer Exhibition" Gallery Accent, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
"Paul Van Hoeydonck" Gallery Saint Laurent, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
"Peintres belges inspirés par l'Espagne" Gallery Giroux, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)


Creates first monochrome light works with the introduction of small plexiglass structures.
"Paul Van Hoeydonck" Gallery Accent, Antwerp, Belgium.(OMS)
"Oeuvres graphiques" Gallery Saint-Laurent, Brussels
Exhibition G58 with Georges Van Tongerloo at Castle Middelheim Museum, Antwerp Belgium.(GE)
Co-founder of the G58 Hessenhuis group in Antwerp.
Opening Exhibition G58, Hessenhuis, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
Participation at the World Exhibition Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
"Groupe Art Abstrait" Gallery Hella Neblung, Düsseldorf, Germany.(GE)


Begins showing in exhibitions concerned with monochrome painting and “Zerogroup”
"Vision in Motion/Motion in Vision" first international exhibition in G58, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
"Lauréats du Prix Jeune Peinture Belge1958" Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
"Oeuvres d'art acquises par l'Etat en 1958", Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)

3th group exhibition G58 Hessenhuis, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)


Introduction of the “Boites A Monocles” as a reaction to the criticism concerning the light works
G58 Hessenhuis, Antwerp, Belgium.(OMS)
First important one-man show, Brussels, Palace of Fine Arts
Iris Clert Gallery, Paris, France.(OMS°
Museum of Modern Art, New York, purchases a light work
First trip to New York,USA, private show introduced by Harry Torczyner


Robert Elkon Gallery, New York, USA Created first Spacescapes and White Planets (Planetscapes) “Zero 3” exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany.(OMS)


Exhibits his first environment “Space Control Station” at the Forum exhibition Ghent, Belgium
Participates in the Tokyo Biennale, Japan.(GE)
 "Contemporary painting in Belgium" St-Louis, Denver, L.A., San Francisco, USA (GE)

Creation of a new race “The Mutants”
Participation Documenta III, Kassel, Germany.(GE)
The Hague, Vienna, Berlin, Otterlo, Bern and Brussels Pierre Restany “baptises” him “archaeologist of the future”
 Gallery Iris Clert, Paris, France.(OMS)
Participated Floating Biennale Iris Clert, Canale Grande, Venice, Italy.(GE)
Article in Times Magazine.
Participated Iris Clert in Berlin, Germany.(GE)
"Nieuw Realisme-Pop Art " City Museum Den Hague, Netherlands.(GE)


Joins the Waddell Gallery, New York, where he presents several one-man shows
Svensk-Franska Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.(OMS)
Gallery Theelen, Essen, Germany.(OMS)
Gallery Waddell Gallery, New York, USA.(OMS)
"Pop-Art/Nouveau Réalisme" PSK/Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium. (GE)
Biënnale Middelheim, Antwerp, Belgium. (GE)
"Flemish Art" Gallery Arditti, Paris, France.(GE)
"Belgian Drawings since Permeke", Lima, Peru.(GE)
"45 years Belgian Art" Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.(GE)
"Collection Graindorge" Copenhague, Denmark.(GE)
"Sculptures from al directions" Worldhouse Gallery, New York, USA.(GE)
"White on White" Lincoln, USA.(GE)
"Pop, pop, whence pop" Heckster Museum, Huntington, New York, USA.(GE)
"Nouvelles Recherches Flamandes" Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi, Belgium.(GE)
"Flemish Art, Svensk Handelsbanken, Stockholm, Sweden.(GE)
"Art for collectors" Rhode Island, USA.(GE)


joins the Gallery Bonnier, Lausanne, Geneva and Stockholm
Gallery Kirkhaar, Amsterdam, Netherlands.(OMS)
Gallery der Spiegel, Köln, Germany.(OMS)
Gallery Cogéime, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
Stadtisches Museum Schloss Moirsbach, Leverkusen, Germany.(GE)
"Weis auf Weis" Kunsthalle Bern, Suisse.(GE)
"Premio Marzotto" Valdagno, Italy (GE)
"L'Espace dans l'Art" Museum of Modern Art, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
Triënale of the Suthern Netherlands, Belgium/Netherlands.


Produces CYBS (Cybernetics) Starts using elements from sawn-up car fenders
Waddell Gallery, New York, USA.(OMS)
Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
Gallery Foncke, Ghent, Belgium.(OMS)
"45 years of Belgium Contemporary Art" National Art Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.(GE)
"45 years of Belgium Contemporary Art" Salles d'état Dalles, Buckarest, Romania.(GE)
"New Flemish School" City Gallery, Zürich, Suisse. (GE)
"Actual Belgium Drawings" Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Spain. (GE)
"Collection Stuyvesant" Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium. (GE)
"Superlund" curator Pierre RestanyKunsthall Lund, Sweden. (GE)
"Hommage to Bosch, De Moriaan, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.(GE)
"Science Fiction", kunsthalle, Bern, Suisse.(GE)


First contact with NASA
Gallery Kirkhaar, Amsterdam, Netherlands.(OMS)
Gallery Bonhier, Lausanne, Suisse.(OMS)
 Belgium Haus, Köln, Germany.(OMS)
International Monetary Fund, Washington, USA.(OMS)
One-man show Gallery Müller, Stuttgart, Germany.
"Contrasts 1947-1967, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
"Science Fiction" Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France.(GE)
"Science Fiction" Kunstverein, Düsseldorf,Germany.(GE)
"40 ans d'Art Vivant" Hommage à Robert Giron, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels Belgium. (GE)
"L'eglise ouverte à l'Art Contemporain" La Biënnale, Centre Notre-Dame, Argenteuil, France.(GE)
"Triënale" Hallen Brugge, Belgium.(GE)
"The obsessive image 1960-1968", Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK.(GE)
"Im Reiche des Phantastischen" Kunstverein, Recklinghausen, Germany.(GE)
 "Destruction Art" at Finch College, New York, USA
 "Art Vivant" at Vence, France.
 "Three blind mice" Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
 "Three blind mice"  Saint-Peter Monnastry, Ghent
 Lignano Biënale in Italy, Proclaimed as the official laureate.
 "Contact 68 Kelkheim" Pfarzencentrum Kelkheim, Germany.
 "Belgium Art" Archeological Museum Teheran, Iran.



 Contemporary Art Museum Chicago, USA.(OMS)
 Contemporary Art Museum Houston, USA.(OMS)
 Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany.(OMS)
 Gallery Withofs, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
 Gallery Waddell, New York, USA.(OMS)
"Painting and sculpture today"  Museum of Art Indianapolis, USA.(GE)
"Belgium Art" Museum Bagdad, Iraq.(GE)
"Belgium Art" Museum Beirout, Libannon.(GE)
"Exposition Internationale de gravure" Museum of Modern Art, Ljubjana, Yugoslavia.(GE)
"10 Belgische Maler" Gallery 66 Hofheim, Germany.(GE)
"Space Art" Technical High School, Eindhoven, Netherlands.(GE)
 Gallery Foncke Ghent, Belgium.(OMS)
"Apollo Mission of the Moon" National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA.(OMS)
"The Jaques Kaplan collection" Finch College Museum New York, USA.(GE)


The Apollo 15 Crew officially placed the statue “Fallen Astronaut” on the moon.(OMS)
Creation of the first Astro's
Palacio National de Bellas Artes Mexico City, Mexico.(OMS)
One-man show Gallery Foncke Bruges and Ghent, Belgium.
"Belgian Art 1960-1970" Kunstverein Köln, Germany.(GE)
Gallery Bonnier, Genève, Suisse.(OMS)
Gallery Engelberts Genève, Suisse.(OMS)
"Jeu de blancs" Gallery Withofs, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
Gallery Rive Gauche, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
"Jewels by Belgian Artists" Belgian Pavillon Osaka, Japan.(GE)
"Itirénaires 'blancs' " Musée d'Art Moderne St-Ett-ienne, France.(GE)
"Zeitgenossen" Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Germany.
"Second annual internal moonwalk festival" Cape Kennedy, USA.


Gallery Waddell, New York, USA.(OMS)
"Die Puppe" Aspekte zum Bild der Frau, Berlin/Leverkusen/Frankfurt, Germany.(GE)
"Travelling Exhibition" Playboy Art Collection, Milano, London, Antwerp, Hannover, Aachen, München.(GE)
"Travelling Exhibition" Stuyvesant Art Collection, Hannover, Aachen, München, Antwerp, Brussels, Arnhem.(GE)
Travelling Exhibition "L'Objet", Brussels, Rotterdam, Berlin.(GE)
2e Triënnale, Hallen Bruges, Belgium.(GE) 
Svensk Franska Konstgalleriet, Stockholm, Sweden.(OMS)
Leids Academiegebouw, Leiden, Netherlands.(OMS)


Gallery Lanzenberg, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
Gallery Foncke, Gent, Belgium.(OMS)
Gallery Einaudi, Milano, Italy.(OMS)
Waddell Gallery, New York, USA.(OMS)
Travelling Exhibition FTD Art Collection, USA. (GE)
One-man show Gallery Multi-art, Antwerp, Belgium.
"Comparaisons" Gallery Bonnier, Genève, Suisse.(GE)
Sculpture show Gallery Annely Juda Fine Art, London, UK.(GE)
"Metamorfosi dell'oggetto, Palazzo Reale, Milano, Italy.(GE)
"Métamorphose de l'objet", Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France.(GE)
"Métamorphose de l'objet", Basel, Suisse.(GE)
"Weltkulturen und moderne Kunst"  Olympiades, München, Germany.(GE)
"Space Exhibition" The Parrish Art Museum,Southampton, USA.(GE)
"Arte e gioelli del Belgio" ItalyPalazzo delle esposizioni , Faenza,.(GE)
"Critics choice" Sculpture Center,New York, USA.(GE)
Clark Polak's Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.(OMS)
"Vitrines de la vie Manzoni s'inspirant de la statue lunaire", Via Manzoni, Milan, Italy.(GE)
"Inter-étrennes", Gallery Lara Vincy, Paris, France.(GE)


" Official retrospective of P.V.H., Rotondo della Besana, Milan, Italy.
"Beyond illustration - the Art of Playboy Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan.
Drawings, Gallery Bonnier, Genève, Suisse.(OMS)
"Selection West-Flanders, Casino, Knokke, Belgium.(GE)
Talbot Rice Art Center, Edinburg, UK.(OMS)
"Space Sculpture show" Gallery Annely Juda, London, UK.(GE)
Gallery Annely Juda, London, UK.(OMS)
"50 jahre Kunsthandelsverband der Schweiz" Kunsthaus, Zürich, Suisse.(GE)
"G-58 Hessehuis" retro, Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
"Proto-Astros", Studio Modern Art, Milano, Italy.(OMS)
"Gioielli di artisti belgi dal 1900 al 1973, Museo, Poldi Pezzoli, Milan, Italy.(GE)


Walter Cronkite op Cape Kennedy '72 - PAUL VAN HOEYDONCK BIOGRAPHY1974
Constructing bronze mixed media Robots, Archeos and Bios.
Gallery Bonnier at the Art-Market Basel, Suisse.(OMS)
Studio Modern Art, Milano, Italy.(OMS)
"Travelling Exhibition F.T.D. art collection, USA. (GE)
"Salon de printemps" Gallery Isy Brachot, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
Gallery Isy Brachot, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
"3e Triënnale" Beurshalle, Bruges, Belgium.(GE)
Biënnale Middelheim open air Museum, Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
"Art Market" Gallery Lechien, Düsseldorf, Germany.(GE)
Gallery Bonnier, Genève, Suisse.(OMS)


Internazionale Biennale del Bronzetto, Salla del Ragione, Padua, Italy.(GE)
Gallery Foncke, Ghent, Belgium.(OMS)
"La Boule" Centre Ranelagh, Paris, France.(GE)
"Salon Ensemble", Gallery La Cour d'Ingres, Paris, France.(GE)
"Flora in Arte", Kunstforum, Schelderode, Belgium.(GE)


 Important participation in the Art-Market in Bologna at the Gallery's Bonnier, Genève and Hüsstege, Amsterdam.
Retrospective Warande, Turnhout,Belgium.
"Bicentennial U.S.A.", American Library, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
Gallery Van Hoeywegen, St-Kwintens-Lennik, Belgium.(OMS)
One-man show, Gallery Hüsstege, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Retrospective Noordbrabants Museum, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.
Retrospective, Gemeentemuseum, Arnhem, Netherlands.
Gallery Singulier Pluriel, Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
Gallery Bonnier, Genève, Suisse.(OMS)
Kunstforum, Schelderode, Belgium.(OMS)


Series of Moonscapes, Moonrocks and drawings with integrated personal photographs collection "Reina Sophia"


Metro of Brussels commissions him for the `18 x Ikaros” work


Participates in the `Robotics” show, which toured all over the USA



Commissioned for monumental Robot sculptures for “Parque de las Naciones”, Madrid, Spain


Commissioned for a large Robot by Massive International, on the highway between Paris and Lille, France
Commissioned for a large Robot and Spoetnik by the Caixa Andorrana, in the Edifici Prada Casadet in Andorra La Vella (Plan: architect Bofill)


Participating at the Sevilla World Fair with the moonsculpture “Fallen Astronaut” Commissioned by Gevaert, Belgium for the sculpture Taidalos” in Wuxi, China for Wuxi-Agfa factory
Participation "The Suite OLYMPIC CENTENIAL art collection", patronized by the IOC, presentation at the Barcelona Colet Museum, Spain. also shown in the Olympic Comittee pavilion at the Seville Expo 1992, permantly exhibited in the Lausanne Olympic Museum, Suisse.



Commissioned by Degussa, Antwerp for the sculptures “Aurus” & “Aurelia”, Koningin Elisabeth Concertzaal, Antwerp, Belgium.


Commissioned by the Provincial Counsel for the sculpture “Madec”, Rivierhof, Deurne – Antwerp.


Retrospective at Museum of Contempory Art/PMMK curator conservator Willy Van den Bussche, Ostend, Belgium, incl. edition Retrospective blue book (most complete retrospective edition)


Commissioned by the OCMW Antwerp for the sculpture “De Wandeling”, Oversnes, Wilrijk Commissioned by the Flemish Government for a Planet, Vlaamse Raad, Zaal “Vlaanderen in de Ruimte”, Brussels, Belgium.


"Mars Chronicles"  Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke incl. uitgave catalogus, Belgium.
Participated in Paris for show "L”Objet" op uitnodiging van Gerard Xuriguera & Pierre Restany in Les Ulis, France.


"Half a Century White on White" Orion Art Gallery , Brussels, Belgium.(OMS)
 incl. edition catalogue

Paul Van Hoeydonck 75 year ’Alexandria at Aegyptum’ zaal Adornes, Hallen-Markt, Brugge, Belgium.


"On the Moon…and with  Iveg" One-man show, Hoboken, Belgium.
Transgressions...renoma II, 32 artistes contemporains détournent le mythique blazer. Galerie Meyer Le Bihan, Paris, France
The projection project / dare to think, dare to dream  traveling group exhibition, MUHKA, Budapest , Hungary.(GE)


LAAC Musée des Beaux-Arts, Dunkerque, France Commisino sculpture on the Moon x40 "Fallen Astronaut" at Jardin de sculptures incl.exhibition from a selection of his works , France.


Base-Alpha Gallery groupexhibition ft. Paul Van Hoeydonck as Intruder. (GE)
Participation at the summerexhibit "Vision in Motion / Motion in Vision" Verbeke-foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium.(GE)
"G-58" Hommage on -58 Museum Albert Van Dijck, Schilde, Belgium.(GE)
"Van uw tijd?" Kunstgrepen omtrent “58 Museum Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen, Belgium.(GE)
 Leading figure in the winter exhibition "G58 - G59 Mass-akker” Verbeke Foundation
incl. monografie" Lightworks" editor de Paepe productions, Kemzeke, Belgium.


Participated auction "Les années magiques autour d"Iris Clert & Pierre Restany" Pierre Bergé & Associés, Paris. 
Participated  'No Label' Belgium Art '50-'70 under curator  Jan Stalmans, inauguration Flemish Minister President Kris Peeters.(GE)
Participates group exhibition Gallerie Guy Pieters at St-Paul de Vence, France.(GE) Participates group exhibition Musée l'Art Modern, Metropole St-Etiénne, France.(GE).


Participates ' Avant Garde in België 1940-1970' by Ronny Van de Velde in Bank Delen with thanks to Mr. Filips Deferme, incl. book, Berchem, Antwerp

Presentation early works 'Coloured Geometric Abstract' at BRAFA 2011 in stand Ronny Van de Velde , visit of Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium
Also at BRAFA 2011 works presented by Gallery Guy Pieters, Gallerie Withford (Londen) en headsponsor Bank Delen, Brussels, Belgium.
'Oeuvre Lumiére/Lightworks' at Gallery Guy Pieters, Avenue Matignon, Paris, France.(OMS)
Participation at  'L'Art de Paris' Grand Palais in Paris by Guy Pieters, France.(GE)
Gallery Guy Pieters, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium.(OMS)
 'Roboter Träume' Museum Tinguely, Basel, Suisse. (GE)
Museum Felicien Rops 'Grandville un autre Monde' incl. Jan Fabre, Koen van Mechelen, Fred Eerdekens, César, etc... curator Ronny en Jessy Van de Velde in Namur /Belgium and Bessançon /France.(GE)
One-man show early Abstract Geometric Works 'Felix-Art Museum' curator Serge Sérveillon cohabitation with Ronny Van de Velde, incl. book, Drogenbos, Brussels,Belgium.
Drawings en collages at house 'De Rotsaert'  by Wouter Van de Velde, Antwerp, Belgium. 
Presentation "Bank Delen '12" by Ronny Van de Velde Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)

Presentation "Litlle musea Belgium artists" by Ronny Van de Velde at BRAFA 2012, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)Presentation Withford Gallerie at BRAFA 2012, Brussel, Belgium.(GE)
NASA-ART exposition, Las Cruces, New-Mexico, USA. With thanks to Mireille Dohmen.(GE)
 "Spirits of Internationalism" with Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Yves Klein,... Museum of Contempory Art Antwerp/MuHKA, Belgium.(GE)
 "New Art in Antwerp 1958 - 1962" about 'G-58' series exhibit (x5) Museum of Contempory Art Antwerp/ MuHKA, Belgium.(GE)
Honoured "Doctor Honorus Causa" together wit Secretary General of NASA Dr.Charles Bolden, Director General of ESA Jean-Jaques Dordain and the Belgium Astronauts Dirk Frimout and Franky Dewinne at the University of Liège, Belgium.
Presentation in renewed Open Air Museum Middelheim,paviljoen Renaat Braem, with Rodin, Vermeersch, etc... Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
 "58'ers" curator Ernest Van Buynder (Chairman MuHKA, UIA, UZA) te ING-België, headquarters Antwerp,Belgium (GE)
Donation "Fallen Astronaut" Museum of Contempory Art Antwerp/MuHKA,Belgium.
 "Museum of Forgotten History xxx" Museum of Contempory Art Antwerp/MuHKA, Belgium.(GE)
 "The Soul of the Master" Antwerp drawings from Rubens to Panamarenko , Museum Plantin Moretus, Antwerp Belgium.(GE)
 "Pop-Art in Europe" Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, Netherlands.(GE)
Presentation at Art-Gent by Eastmen Gallery, Ghent, Belgium.(GE)
 "Belgium Art - A modern century" collection Caroline and Maurice Verbaet, Museum Elsene, Brussels, Belgium.(GE)



"Pauls wide white world" at Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke, Belgium.(OMS)
Participated "Happy Birthday Dear Academie" 350 years Antwerp Academy, Museum at the river/Mas, Antwerp, Belgium.
 "Eine Handvoll Erde aus dem Paradies" Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany.(GE)
 "Museum to scale 1/7" curator Ronny Van de Velde at Royal Museum of Fine Arts Brussels, Belgium.(GE)
"Mental Cinescopes" painting from the seventies, curator Willy Van den Bussche at "Eastmen Gallery" Hasselt, Belgium.(OMS)
"Histoire Naturelle" curator Willy Van den Bussche at University Gembloux, Belgium.(OMS)
Presentation at Art-Gent by Eastmen Gallery, Ghent, Belgium.
Participated "De Autodidact" curator Guillaume Bijl at "Extra City" Antwerp, Belgium.(GE)
"Sculpture on the Moon - Meet Artist Paul Van Hoeydonck" honouring event at Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C., USA.
Meeting with Secretary General Dr. Charles Bolden in his office at NASA headquarters, Washington D.C.



Zero" at Guggenheim, New York/USA, Gropius Museum/Berlin, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam/Netherlands
"Museum to scale 1/7" at Rotterdam/Netherlands and Naples/Florida- BRAFA'14 Presentation at Whitford fine Art Gallery (London)
"Abstractions Géométriques Belges" De 1945 à nos jours BAM BEAUX-ARTS MONS
Inhuldiging bronzen sculpture "Goldie" Wirtz tuin Cultuurcentrum Kapellen
"Planets and Drawings" Eastman Gallery, Hasselt
Participation "ZERO" at Guggenheim, New-York, USA
"From Zero to the Moon" Gallery Calleweart-Vanlangendonck, Antwerpen
"Museum to scale 1/7" Kunsthal Rotterdam, Nederland
ART GHENT Presentation by Eastmen Gallery (Hasselt)
"Color-Light-Black-White"  Zero Artists at Kunstzolder, Eeklo
Huldiging Stadhuis Antwerpen door schepen van cultuur Philip Heylen



BRAFA'15 Presentation by "Withford fine Arts Gallery" and several others
ART ROTTERDAM Presentation by Eastmen Gallery (Hasselt)
Participation "ZERO" at Grophius Museum, Berlin, Germany
Plechtige overhandiging Ereteken en Oorkonde "Ridder in de Leopoldsorde" door minister van cultuur Sven Gatz en gouverneur Cathy Berx


< listing activities from 2015 to 2018 under construction >




18 januari - 3 februari 2019
'Fallen Astronaut’ in Centre Pompidou te Parijs tijdens de tentoonstelling HORS PISTES’ 


23 januari 2019
Event ter lancering van de 'Multiple Man in Space’ in Berlijn in samenwerking met Bild Zeiting & Galerie Breckner (Duitsland)


24 januari 2019
Tentoonstelling Paul Van Hoeydonck in Galerie Breckner, Dusseldorf (Duitsland)


5 april - 30 juni 2019
Fallen Astronaut' in Kunsthaus, Zurich

Fly me to the Moon. The Moon landing: 50 years on Kunsthaus - Zurich


zomer 2019
Tentoonstelling Paul Van Hoeydonck in Space Expo, Noordwijk (Nederland)


13 september - 22 september 2019
Hongarije - Budapest
titled "Moon Museum" will include some subject-specific artworks by internationally renowned artist directly reflecting on the exploration in space, in addition to Victor Vasarely who produced many works in relation to the space and specifically to the Moon.
The Vasarely Museum, which is affiliated to the Museum of Fine Arts–Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest.


27 juni 2019
Tentoonstelling Paul Van Hoeydonck in de prachtige Abdij van Villers la Ville


1 juli - 22 september 2019
Fallen Astronaut in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York tijdens de tentoonstelling "Apollo's Muse: The Moon in the Age of Photography"


17 juli 2019

Germany - Berlin
Exhibit Paul Van Hoeydonck in Belgian Embassy


18 juli 2019
Italië - Turin
Exhibition on MOON | curated by Luca Beatrice | in ITALY, Turin, at Museum Palazzo Madama
Exhibit + catalogue: Picture Fallen Astronaut with plaque on the moon


20 juli 2019 - 3 november 2019
Fallen Astronaut in Museum der Moderne, Salzburg
The Museum der Moderne in Salzburg


4 oktober - 20 december 2019
Tentoonstelling Paul Van Hoeydonck in het Nieuwe Havenhuis Antwerpen



Andere projecten 2019


Uitgave van de unieke documentaire Fallen Astronaut' van Frank Herrebout
Heruitgave Boek: 'Goden en Astronauten' van PVH: Engelse versie

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